caciBorn in 1949 in Belgrade. Graduated from Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade with a B.A. in acting with Milenko Maricic as the head of the class. A regular member of the Atelje 212 Theatre since 1973.

Theatrical Plays(selection): Atelje 212: Purple Island (Metelkin), Malvina (Ivan Parcic), Lady with the Camellias (Mr. N, Croupier, Servant Josef, Colporteur) Ubu Roi (Wenceslas). The Mountain Giants( Little Milord), Moliere (La Grange) Aoi and Hanjo (Hikaru, Joshio), Radovan III(Jelence), (un)Suspicious Persona (Djoka), Maria (Golicin), Ignis Sanat (Tjuha), How to Make a Theatre(Playwright), Vagabonds Drink Tea(Miladin), Mace(Lovre Dugas) The Wedding (Peter Hel), The Marathon Family(Mirko), Yellow (Judge, Police Officer), Wild Duck Chase (Kusak), Santa Maria Della Salute( Pagaraski), Correspondence(Simeon Njegovan, the grandson of Lupus) Images of Sorrowful Experiences (Felix Cromberg), Mother (Alfred de la Trefuj), Ambassador (Secretary), Tales from the Vienna Woods (Der Hierlinger Ferdinand) My Name is Mitar (Marko). Ana (Ivan Banovac), Life and Work of the Soldier Ivan Conkin(Borisov), The Celebration (Uncle Leif), The Gusle Player, Stranger at the Ball, Sava Savanovic, Long Live Live Work, The Government Inspector (First Merchant), Saint George Kills the Dragon (Aleksa Vukovic).

National Theatre: Assassination of Sarajevo (Gavrilo Princip), In the Sand (Johan), The Run (Golupkov), Britannic (Britannic), Lady of the Maxim’s (Montgicourt), Mary Magdalene (Jacob), Anfisa (Tatarinov), Kanjos Macedonovic( Golub) – co-production with the Theatre of Budva), The Puritanist Comedy (Uros Pavlovic).

Zvezdara Theatre: Claustrophobic Comedy (Teya), Hilarious Tragedy (Doctor), An Event in the Shadow of the Donkey (Avram), General Milan Nedic; Evening Stage “Radovic”: Girl Talks( the Man), The Mystery Belgrade, Today We are Playing Danojlic, The Stage of the Duchess Ljubica: The Anatomy of a Double Gulas (Branimir Scepanovic), the Artistic Pavillion “Cvijeta Zuzoric” – “Step”: “Rashomon” (Samurai).

Yugoslav Drama Theatre: “Totovi”(Mayor), Poetry Theatre: War Comrades; BITEF: Lolita (Mr Morell, the Judge, Psychiatrist, Receptionist, Priest); “Veljkovic” Pavillion: Evil Spirits (Mavrikije); Cult Theatre: Eating the Soul (Dr Ljepavic); the May 25th Museum: Warrior Brothel; Slavija Theatre: The Gigolo( Rodoljub Cobanovic), Zanka (Simeon Tosic, Branislav Nusic); City Theatre Budva: Jegor’s Path (Marko).

TV: Chronicle of the Cemetery in the Province, Professor Kosta Vujic’s Hat, Miloje’s Death, Good Faithful Servant, Sweet Life in a Serbian Way, From the burnt hedge, Protégé, Belgrade or Into the Trolley but on the Front Door, Love Case of a Minister’s Sister, Loneliness, Our Fathers, Knowing How to Love, Dimitrije Tucovic, Fear of Fidelity, the Catonsville Nine Trial, Sons, Legend of Caras, Golgotha, Family Orchestra, Baltic Prometheus, Spanish Request, Thought, Mask, A Suspect Individual, Pupin’s Stars, Stories of Radoje Domanovic, The Podium, Red Queen, The Last One, The End of the Obrenovic Dynasty, Family Treasure, At the Golden Horse, Desire Hill Cabaret, Tracing Karadjordje, Karadjordje and the Theatre, In the valley of the centuries, Dollars are coming, Little declarator, Hit Libris, The Collector, The Gambler, Our Little Office.. Radio plays( a selection of around 600 radio plays) and roles: Radoje Domanovic, Kosta Cukic, Bukowski, Geca Kon, Antonio Stradivari, Pera Dobrinovic, Ivan Vasilievich Lomov, Jesus, Maxim Crnojevic, the Traveler, Father Justin Popovic, Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic… He has been the host of the “Two White Pigeons” at the First Programme at Radio Belgrade for 20 years. Film: Svetozar Markovic, Scenes from the Life of Dimitrije Tucovic, Migrations, Deep Inside, Balkan Spy, The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud, The last circuit in Monca, Saint Nikolai Serbian, Poor Little Hamsters, The Gambler, Aporia, Parole…