DRAGANA BOSKOVIC, theatrologist

She studied both in Belgrade and in Paris.

Wrote several books: “Bora Todorovic, the Artist of Spontaneity”, “Mirko Babic, Now and Here”. “Ljiljana Stjepanovic, Another Queen”, “Wreaths of Thorns of Bozidar Kalezic”, “The Return of the Queen Maria Karadjordjevic”

She taught Film and TV Script and History of Drama and Theatre at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade.

She was also the selector and a member of jury at various home and international theatre festivals.

Dragana was also an editor of TV TEATAR at RTS.

She wrote theatre critiques for Express (Ekspres), Today (Danas) and Time (Vreme) magazines, and she is a theatre critic for Evening News (Vecernje Novosti) newspapers.

She is the coordinator for the International Institute of Mediterranean Theatre.

She is the recipient of the Golden Ring of Joakim Vujic for her contribution to theatre and the Golden Chain Award awarded by Cultural and Educational Association of Belgrade