September 18th – Friday / 20:00



Publisher: Festival of Monodrama and Mime
Organizer: Radomir Putnik
Speaking About the Book: dr Jelena Peric, Milovan Vitezovic, Vesna Stankovic, Jelica Zupanc, Miladin Sevarlic, Dragana Boskovic, Zorica Simovic, Ivan Perkovic
Excerpts from the monodramas spoken by Vesna Stankovic and Ivan Perkovic

The Anthology of Biographic Monodrama was devised and realized as a selection of monodramas which depict the fates of important historical figures from the history of Restored Serbia (since the start of the 19th century until today). The Anthology consists of 14 monodramas by Serbian authors:
Slavomir Gvozdenovic: Crnjanski in Timișoara
Ivan Perkovic: Poet for the Poets (Momcilo Nastasijevic)
Marija Djajic: Rade Drainac
Marko Radojevic: Branko Miljkovic
Ivan Tomasevic: Zoran Radmilovic
Zivorad Lazic: Cucuk Stana
Isidora Bjelica: Queen Natalia Obrenovic
Zorica Simovic: Queen Draga Obrenovic
Dragana Boskovic: Queen Marija Karadjordjevic
Vesna Stankovic: Milunka Savic
Miladin Sevarlic: Merlinka

Several dramas were performed as part of the programmes at the Festival of Monodrama and Mime (the works of Dragana Boskovic, Ivan Perkovic, Marija Djajic, Ivan Tomasevic, Jelica Zupanc, Zorica Simovic, Vesna Stankovic, Zivorad Lazic). Other plays based on these monodramas received awards. The Monodrama Selection is preceded by the organizer’s Preface, which explains the principles according to which the Anthology was conceived and realized.

With each dramatic text, there is the author’s biography, as well as information about the performed play. Also, photographs of the authors and from the plays are included, as well as a facsimile of the placard where possible.