September 19th – Saturday / 20:00

plakatTheatre and Production: Balkan Novi Pokret
A monodrama based on the eponymous novel by Jovan D. Petrovic
Dramatization MIlisav Milenkovic
Performer: Vesna Stankovic
Director: Ivana Bogicevic Leko

“Lina, harder than a rock” is a true story about the life of the novel author’s grandmother Lina, from her maidenhood and maturity to old age. Through Lina’s life story full of unexpected twists orchestrated by life and events which continuously intertwine, we follow not only her personal story but also a run-through of the historical events through which this woman went during her life rich with experience: the start of the 20th century, the First and the Second World War and the postwar period.
Although it is Lina’s, the narrative is also a unique glorification of life and the vitality of human strength and the energy which maintains man even in the toughest of temptations, it lifts him up, guards and defines as the being woven from matter that’s harder than the hardest rock.

Through this monodrama, the viewer is following Lina as she transforms from a vibrant young girl, first into a mature young woman, then into a woman shattered by life tragedies, and finally into a strong, entirely mature personality which the suffering did not break, but instead made stronger, and brought stability, strength, and superior life wisdom. The play is styled and brimming with symbols which glorify the real force of life which triumphs over losses and troubles.

Through its fascinating vocabulary, this text bears the genuine sparks of healthy wisdom of the people which the characters like our heroine Lina speak without pretensions. That is why numerous sentences that structurally conclude Lina’s stories sound like authentic philosophical aphorisms.

From the viewpoint that no one has the “deed to happiness” to the one that rock is the hardest in this world, with only the man being “harder than a rock”.