The Second Day of the Festival

On the second day of the Festival, we attended the promotion of the book that Radomir Putnik organized, Anthology of Biographic Monodrama. The evening started with the welcome speech of Marko Stojanovic, President of the Global Organization and the Neli Antonovic award ceremony. Ivana Teodorovic Stojanovic, the PR of the Festival, was the moderator of the promotion. Dr Jelena Peric, Marija Djajic, Ivan Tomasevic, Dragana Boskovic, Vesna Stankovic, Ivan Perkovic, Miladin Sevarlic, and Zorica Simovic also spoke to the audience. Finally, the organizer of the promotion Radomir Putnik also addressed the audience. The audience greeted him with 10-minute applause. Festival of Monodrama and Mime proudly congratulates its longstanding associate Radomir Putnik on his exceptional years-long scientific work and an everlasting unique theatrical legacy.

Photo: Sanja Veljković

On the third day of the Festival, we will be watching the play “Lina, harder than a rock” which will be performed by Vesna Stankovic.