The first play performed on the second day of the festival was “Café Daughter”, played by Tiffany Ayalik, directed by Lisa Ravensbergen. It is based on the true story of Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck and the play follows the life of Yvette Wong, her life path and questions of her heritage. In a suggestive, interesting and humorous manner, the play wisely combines a series of theatrical elements such as projection and light effects into one special, emotional artistic image.


The second play of that day was “The Line”, by Ana Bretschneider. Inspired by the legendary animated film by Osvaldo Cavandoli “La Linea”. The difference is that,this time, the line is a woman, shown as the theater version of a predetermined life, having an expected ending. The first two days are completed, we have two more days ahead of us! The diploma for participation was awarded by the selector Milovan Zdravkovic.