The World is a Big Cat
Azotti Teatern           
Stockhom, Sweden

Playwright and director: Maya Tangerberg-Grischin
Cast: Timothy Pilotti, Josephine Carlson, Lucas Pilotti, Daisy Young
Music and choreography: ensemble
Set design: ensemble
Costume design: Maya Tangerberg-Grischin, Nora Sandholm-Azémar

The World is a Big Cat
Attention! – Nikola Tesla is here!
They say that the Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla invented the 19th century. Without the genius that was Tesla we probably wouldn’t have developed such an intricate and efficient system of communication.
Tesla invented many, many things, like the alternating current electricity supply system and the induction motor, radio, telegraph, as well as x-rays. He created the Tesla Turbine and experimented with the first electric automobile, developed weapons with routed energy, built the first submarine, and plenty more. But in an ironic twist of fate, Tesla as an inventor was forgotten among people. Apart from the country where he was born, not much attention is devoted to him in textbooks around schools, certainly not enough to show his significant contribution.         
What lies beneath the fantastic myth about Nikola Tesla? What kind of person was he, what kind of man, and what kind of scientist?
The more I read about Tesla, the more I’m fascinated by him. There are so many myths and conspiracy theories. Tesla consciously and purposely created his persona…
To some people, Tesla was a brilliant engineer who invented many devices that have to do with electric energy and whose function is apparent around us today. Some believe that the FBI is keeping some of Tesla’s secrets (plans for free cosmic energy and a system that can transmit it to the entire world) locked in drawers, because realizing such a project of “free energy” might lead to the end of economy and capitalism.
Other believe that Tesla was a visionary, a dreamer who believed that he was in contact with other beings in space, namely from Venus and Mars. But Tesla was so much more than that. He was a writer and a poet. One thing is certain – he was ahead of his time. He was, for instance, interested in ecology from an early age, but his colleagues and sponsors didn’t understand his interest.
The aim of this piece is to shed light on the childhood and adolescence of Nikola Tesla. Using physical theater as its medium, we explore the personality of a great scientists, his past and the time he lived in, his emotions and motivation, his early interests and the obstacles he faced. Far from reality, we will dive into the world of this remarkable man.
The World is a Big Cat represents and homage to this great and creative man who lived for his inventions, and fought for them.
Dr Maya Tangerberg-Grischin

Dr Maya Tangerberg-Grischin, born in Switzerland is a theater director, performer, explorer and instructor of physical theater and pantomime. She attended university in France (Jacque Lecoq), Bali, India, and in China as well. She directed more than 80 professional productions (pantomime, drama, dance pieces and opera) in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Poland and India. She teaches at theater academies in Sweden, Finland, Germany, India and China, and has had solo performances in many counties.
Her specialty is pantomime (European and Asian), wigs and masks, as well as the relationships and connections between actors on stage.