The Line

National Theater of the Timok Frontier, Zajecar
Pantomime monodrama based on the motifs of the animated film “La Linea”
Playwright and actress: Ana Tanskovc ex Bretschneider
Composer: Bratislav Radovanovic
Sound: Marko Miletic

“The Line” is a pantomime monodrama that lasts 20 minutes. The animated film “La Linea” by Osvaldo Cavandoli served as an inspiration, and the motifs of the play are based on it. The line takes the shape of a woman. In a language which everyone understands, the Line heroine walks the linear, straight, already drawn-out path from youth to old age, a path which gains new dimension in theater. Why do all of us accept predetermined life paths, why are we afraid to look around ourselves, are we scared that we will lose? The woman is punished for her curiosity by solitude. She accepts what is handed to her but sturdily fights against the trivial obstacles. The stubborn, irritable heroine, somewhat rebellious, but self-sufficient enough, has been trying to find a place where she is comfortable ever since she was little. The pencil, or person drawing, in the theatrical form can be the director or composer. In life it can be a partner, authority figure, nation, director, boss, or anybody superordinate. From the perspective of the Line, it is certainly someone who is very responsible. Responsible for her life, for her destiny. Blaming the author, the Line accepts her fate. She fought as much as she could, changed what could be changed, and had fought more than she had learned. The line can be seen as all women, and at the same time, as none.

ANA BRETSCHNEIDER first encountered “La Linea” at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, as part of her acting exam. Having been an actress for ten years, she decided to make “La Linea” a woman. We are actually following her path from childhood and adolescence toward maturation, age and definiteness.
 The composer of the music is the saxophone player Bratislav Radovanovic. Because music is very important in “La Linea” it was crucial to carefully select the segment which will tell the story of the Line with care. The sound of the saxophone best fit this form of pantomime.
The animated film itself is marked by numerous episodes which have been combined into one story in the play. The pantomime stages shift from childhood to youthful rebellion, while passing down stories of watching what is in front of you, from generation to generation. The ban on experimentation as such, as a sure defeat, does not make us think about which path we have chosen and whether that path is the only one, or about who is to blame for the obstacles. That is precisely what raises the question whether the character is destiny.

Born in Pancevo, 29.03.1979.

Education and activities:
-Finished Grammar school and Elementary Music and Ballet school in Pancevo 1994.
-Was an amateur actress in the Youth Studio in Pancevo. 1995-1998
-Performed in many festivals both in and outside of the country, most notably the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh; the Festival of Experimental Scenes in Serbia where she won the award for Best Actor. 1997.
-Achieved significant results multiple times in recital competitions; won second place at the State-wide Reciting competition in Uzice. 1996.
-Enrolled in English Language and Literature at the University of Philology in Belgrade, 1998.
-Enrolled in Acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, under the professor dr. Vladimir Jevtovic, 1998.
-As the best first-year student, she participated in the workshop Balkan Academics Meeting in Sofia, 1999.
-During her studies, she was awarded the scholarship of the state Foundation for the Development of Youth for Science and Art of Serbia; Foundation Madlene Cepter
-Graduated from Acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 2002. with the grade 10, grade-point average during her studies 9.4.
-Completed the postgraduate course “Master Class” held by her mentor professor dr. Vladimir Jevtovic and Kokan Mladenovic.
- Recepient of the award “Branivoje Djordjevic” for best diction.
-Participated in the Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime in Zemun with the pantomime Beckettian one-act play “Act without words”. 2001.
-Anchored the radio show “Whistle” on Radio Pancevo
-Wrote about theater for the magazines “Quick Look”, “Ludus”
-Has the status of free artist in UDUS (Association of Serbian dramatists) since 2006.
-Took part in many theater workshops, led a theater workshop Bitef Poliphony in the Cultural Center “Stari Grad”
-Worked as a news presenter on TV Pancevo. 2006-2009
-Worked as a professor of acting in the ballet high school “Dimitrije Parlic” in Pancevo. 2010-2012
-Cooperated with the orphanage “Spomenak” in Pancevo, holding workshops with the children and staging plays 2010-2011.
- As an outside associate, performed in the National theater of Uzice from 2009-2013
- Is employed as an actress in the theater of the Timok frontier “Zoran Radmilovic” since 2013

-Pavle “Dubrovnik Trilogy”, Ivo Vojnovic, directed by Andja Nikolic, Bitef theater
-Ikonia, Bezhania “Darn it, who started it!”, Dejan Dukovski, directed by Nemanja Savkovic, “Boshko Buha”
-Anya,    “The Cherry Orchard”, A.P. Chekhov, directed by Dimitrije Jovanic, JDP
-Miranda “The Tempest”, W. Shakespeare, directed by Slobodan Unkovski, Budva City Theater, produced by Studio 212
-Man “Act without Words” S. Beckett, Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime, Zemun
-Maria, “A Florentine Tragedy”, Oscar Wilde, directed by Milan Djukanovic, “Mata Milosevic”
-Old peasant woman. “The Frog Prince”, David Mamet, directed by Ana Tomovic, Dadov
-Catherine “Proof”, David Auburn, directed by Natalija Matunovic, “Mata Milosevic”
-Terry “Extremities” William Mastrosimone, directed by Radisha Stanishic, production Youth center Pancevo
-Dorothy “Wizard of Oz” Frank Baum, directed by Nenad Gvozdenovic, Pancevo
-Kaspar Hauser “The Forgotten Language”, directed by Ivan Askovic, Bitef Theater
-Pinocchio, “Pinocchio”, group of authors
-Mother mouse “The Puss in Boots”, Cultural Center Pancevo
- 8 roles, “Alice in Wonderland”, Lewis Carroll, directed by Nenad Gvozdenovic, Cultural Center, Pancevo
- Bum, “Minuet for Trio” author and director Bojan Vorkapic, Student cultural center
- MC, “Cabaret Voyage”, group “Just Jazz”
- Cherry. “Passages”, author and director  Filip Gajic, Theater on Sava and the Cult Scene
- Margarita “The Master and Margarita”, M. Bulgakov, directed by Aleksandar Lukach, National Theater Uzice
-Miss Palmira “Unusual package”, directed by Lilijana Ivanovic, National Theater Uzice
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-“Lisystrata”, Aristophanes, directed by Branko Popovic, National Theater Uzice
- Martha- rector “Spring Awakening”, directed by Martin Kochovski, National Theater Uzice
- Anne, “Story”, directed by Aleksandar Lukach, National Theater Uzice
-Judith, “Boin-Boing”, directed by Slobodan Ljubicevic, National Theater Uzice
- Daughter, “The Collector”, directed by Irfan Mensur, Zoran Radmilovic Theater
-Maria, “Who is to blame here?” directed by Zhoro Ivanov, Zoran Radmilovic Theater
- Gretel, “Hansel and Gretel”, directed by Sasha Latinovic, Zoran Radmilovic Theater
-Lenche, “Collecters of feathers”, directed by Darko Shtetin, Zoran Radmilovic Theater
-Woman, “From the beginning”, duo drama done by the motifs of “Sqaure One” by Steve Tesic, directed by Zoran Zarubica
-Milica, “The Mysterious Drawer”, Zoro Ivanov, Zoran Radmilovic Theater
Television, film:
-Mima, in the movie “I love you the most”, directed by Predrag Velinovic
-Makili, in the movie “When I grow up I’ll be a kangaroo”, directed by Radivoje Andric
-Greatgrandmother, in the movie “Charleston & Vendetta”, directed by Uros Stojanovic
-Lence, in the movie “By the Beautiful Blue Danube:, directed by Darko Bajic
-Fate, in the movie “The Myth of Sisyphus”, directed by Filip Gajic (in postproduction)
- Short film for the Finnish advocate bar
- Italian series “Restorer”, film 87
-Mira, series “Angels and Andrea, directed by Danilo Beckovic
“Ana Tanaskovic magnificently performed the pantomime monodrama “The Line”, which she is also the author of. The audience of Zajecar hasn’t had the opportunity to see something like this until now, and it was amazed by Ana’s imitations and acrobatic movements. The play was done based on the motifs of the animated film “La Linea”. It follows the life path of a woman- The Line, who comes across obstacles in life and overcomes them by walking on her predetermined, already drawn-out path. The language that is used is universal and understood all around the world.”

Andjela Risantijevic “The Voice of Zajecar”