Прво приградско позориште – Пулс театар Лазаревац

Post Quartet

First suburban theater – Pulse Theater Lazarevac
20.00 Post Quartet

Authors: Milan Madjarev and Vedran Vucic ( based on the motif from “Quartet” by Heiner Muller)
Actors/ Participants: Jelena Cvijetic, Maja Sofronijevic, Ivana Nedelkjkovic
Director: Milan Madjarev
Choreographer: Irina Mitrovic
Costume designer: Sonja Kotorcevic
Composer and music performer: Vedran Vucic

Post Quartet
Post (Latin post) as the first part of the compound means after, behind
The play “Post Quartet” happens chronologically after the end of the drama Quarter by Heiner Müller, when the Woman (Merteuil) remains alone. Wishing to find out why she is so helpless, the Woman recreates emotions, experiences and situations with her body, which brought her to a (un)familiar space. She is in the role of, and in conflict with the Spirit of space which at times instigates, and at other times watches over the entire play. The music is performed live on stage and it helps the Woman prepare for her transition into her new Life. The audience creates their own theater inside their minds based on the images of the play.

Ivana Nedeljkovic
Born on July 7th 1973 in Belgrade. Got her degree in acting from the Academy of Arts “Braca Karic”, studying under the professor Ivana Bekjareva. She attended the College for Media at Media Plan University, Sarajevo. She studied tourism and journalism. She is the author of the documentary drama “Bread and dances”, (BH Radio 1), was the editor of a morning and theater program on the local television Jasta (2001/2002). From 2003-2005 she was the assistant president of the Board of Culture Lazarevac, from 2005-2009 the president of the Council of Culture Lazarevac, and from 2012 a member of the Council of Culture Lazarevac.
Founder of the manifestation “Days of the Battle of Kolubara” 2005. From 2008-2012 editor of the theater program in the Center for Culture Lazarevac, and from September 2012 the director of the First Suburban Theater. From 2014. a member of the artist Council Center of Culture Lazarevac, a member of the Council of festival humor for children, arts selector for “Theater Review” in Arandjelovac, from its founding until 2015. From November 2012 vice president of the Community of Professional Theaters Serbia. From November 2015 president of the Community of Professional Theaters Serbia. She is a student of postgraduate studies of Theater Studies at Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade. Founder of Pulse Theater.

“Car 375” (1998.) (TV) directed by Sladjana Milosavljevic
“Ah, Joe” (2002.) (TV) directed by Slobodan Djurdjevic
“Optimists” (2005.) (TV) directed by Slobodan Paskaljevic

“Protection” (B, Nusic, Saveta), theater “Bojan Stupica”, 1997.
“Tale of a Broken Doll” (R. Pavelkic), theater “Palcica” 1997.
“The Devil was Hot” (Ch. Bukowski, Flo), theater “Dusko Radovic”, 1998.
“Comedy of Errors” (W. Shakespeare, Adriana), Terazije Theater 1999.
“The Mistress of the Inn” (C. Goldoni, Ortensia), theater “Dobrica Milutinovic”, 1999.
“Leap to the Stars” (D. Blagojevic, Svetlana), theater “Pocket Circus” 1999.
“Belgrade Trilogy” (B. Srbljanovic, Sanja), theater “Dobrica Milutinovoc”, Sremska Mitrovica 2000.
“Good people…” (D. Kharms, Olga Petrovna), National Theater Fifth floor, 2000.
“Dream-vision” (Z. Joanovic, Grdoba, Mother), Pulse Theater Lazarevac, 2000.
“Friendship, the oldest craft” (B. Crncevic, Ljilja) Pulse Theater Lazarevac 2001.
“The hairdresser of the bald singer” (M. Nikolic, First wife), Pulse Theater, 2003.
“Enchanted Princess” or “Sorcerer” (T. Nikoletic, fairy Dobrila) Pulse Theater 2003.

“Prince Miget and princess Zaza” (D. Chelebicanin, fairy Saradina), Tenen troupe, 2003.
“Steel” (R. Chupic, Milena) producer Predrag Todorovic, Pulse Theater/ Cult Theater, 2004.
“The battle near rabbits’ forest” (R. Pavelkic, Fox) directed by Darko Bjekovic, Pulse Theater, 2004.
“Terrible struggles of a Fairy” (based on the text by Toda Nikoletic, for “Zmaj’s Children’s Games, Fairy), 2004.
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (W. Shakespeare, Helena, Fairy, Dushica Stolar), Pulse Theater, 2005.
“New year’s fairytale (Lj. Djokic, New Year), Pulse Theaer, 2006.
“Blacksmiths” (M. Nikolic, Luisa), Pulse Theater, 2006.
“Where does old age go?” (L. Ivanovic, Old Age), Pulse Theater 2006.
“Aram, baram…” (L.Ivanovic, Girl) Pulse Theater, 2007.
“Funny Money” (R. Cooney, Sanja), National Theater Pirot, 2007.
“Shoot my husband” (A. Nikolai, Eva) directed by L. Ivanovic, Pulse Theater, 2006.
“Stories from the Mill” (D. Pechic/ B. Lazic, Fairy), Pulse Theater 2007.
“Happy Family” (Girl) directed by Vanja Lazin, 2007.
“Meeting at the Top” E. McDonald, producer Lilijana Ivanovic (Clara Petachi) National Theater Pirot/Pulse Theater, 2008.
“Kalamandarija” (Children’s theater Cultural Center Lazarevac) directed by L. Ivanovic, june 2008.
Cabaret “Village Cabaret”, Theatrical creative project, directed by Stanko Bogojevic, Belgrade, august 2008.
“Died without him” P. Petrovic Pecija (Smilja), Cultural Center Lazarevac, Pulse Theater, directed by Lilijana Ivanovic, 2008.
“Orange Peel” Maja Pelevic (Ripe) directed by Bojana Lazic, December 2008.
“Hasanaginica” Ljubomir Simovic (Hasanaginica) directed by Milos Jagodic, Cultral Center Lazarevac (evening show)/ Pulse Theater, March 2009.
“Black Lamb” playwright and director: Sasha B. Latinovic, Pulse Theater, 2009.
“Never heroin” “A. Lukic (Doctor) Center for Culture Valjevo/Good people/Pulse Theater, 2009.
“Hello, bomb here” (Rushka), playwright and director: Sasha B. Latinovic, Pulse Theater, 2011.
“Uncle Vanya” (Jelena Anrejevna) directed by L. Ivanovic, Pulse Theater, 2012.
“The Sun of Somebody Else’s Sky” M. Mrachevic (Sophie),  directed by A. Lukach, Pulse Theater, 2012.
 “Body” B. Ilic (Vojkan’s mother) directed by S. Bodrozha, Pulse Theater, 2013.
“Marko Kraljevic and Musa Kesedzija” M. Nedovic (Musa Kesedzija) directed by A. Trmchic, Pulse Theater, 2014.
“Dust and Ashes” Spasoje Zh. Milovanovic (Jelena and the director of the theater) directed by B. Popovic, Pulse Theater, National Theater Uzice, 2014.
“Drita” D. Nikolic (Smilja), directed by K. Krnajski, Pulse Theater/ National Theater Nis, 2015.
“Charuga” R. Pavlovic (Bozhena) directed by S. Grujic, National Theater Leskovac/ Pulse Theater, 2015.
“Endurance” based on Charles Vildrac (Vera), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny, Pulse Theater/Le Studio Belgrade
“Alice” based on Lewis Carroll (White Rabbit), directed by Bojana Lazic, Pulse Theater/ First Serbian Court Theater Kragujevac, 2017.
“Post Quartet” directed by Milan Madjarev, Pulse Theater, 2017.
“The House of Bernarda Alba” Federico Garcia Lorca, directed by Bojana Lazic, Lazarevac, 2017.

Milan Madjarev, dramaturge, host of psychodrama, improvisational pedagogue, teacher and radio director and translation of the Slovakian language. He was the first to get his Master’s degree on the topic of creative drama at the department of Theater Sciences at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He got his PhD at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and the title of his dissertation was “The Physical Theater of Jozhef Nadja”, mentor dr. Aleksandar Jovicevic. He teaches theater arts at the College of vocational studies; college of professional career studies for pedagogy in Kikinda.
In the season of 1995/96 he worked as the art director of the theater “Zoran Radmilovic” in Zajecar. He produced plays based on texts by Miodrag Radisavljevic, Slobodan B. Jovanovic, Jezhija Andzhejevski, Henrik Ibsen, Alexander Pushkin, Marina Milivojevic, Pava Marinkovic, Edward Albee, Gradimir Stojkovic. As a director and dramaturge he collaborated with editorial offices of the drama program of Radio Belgrade.
He worked as a dramaturge on plays by the Slovenian theater director Tomi Janezhich: “No acting, please” staged at the Slovenian youth theater in Ljubljanja (and a consultant for the acting process), “Nahod Simeon” by Milena Markovic in the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, “King Lear” written by William Shakespeare; “The travelling theater Shopalovic” by Ljubomir Simovic and “The Forest is Radiant” by Milena Markovic, staged in Studio 212.
Milan Madjarev explores the presence of energy on stage, and the working conditions necessary for developing spontaneity and instigating the creativity of dancers, actors and non-actors. He has worked in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Southern Korea.
Madjarev wrote about theater for the Second Programme of Radio Belgrade, RTS TV Belgrade, Danas (Today), Glas javnosti (The Public Voice), Ludus, the website of B92, and for the magazines Orchestra, Theater, Stage, Childhood (Novi Sad), Ticket (Zrenjanin), Mask (Ljubljana), The Theater Herald (Skopje), etc.
He has written and published two books “Creating drama in “Schooling Theater”” and “The Physical Theater of Jozhef Nadja” for which she got the Marko Kovacevic Award for theater criticism and publishing at the 52. International Theater and Film Festival Mess in 2012. His short stories have been published in magazines such as “Dometi” (Sombor), “Gradina” (Nis), and “Life” (Sarajevo).
The play “Post-quartet” received the award for Best Play, while the actress Jelena Cvijetic received the award for Best Actress at the 15th international festival ALBAMONO in Korce, Albania. (May 27th – June 1st 2018.)