THURSDAY, June 27th, 10 pm


Author, director, and performer: Alexander Iliev

Production and Costume Design: Raliza Georgieva
Composer: Edward Grieg
Theatre 199 Production, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Alexander Illiev is a director, pedagogue, producer, anthropologist, actor and pantomimist. He is an Oscar winner at the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Doctor of Art Studies, head of the Department and professor at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburg, USA. He is the author of 11 books – mostly scientific papers and fiction, as well as the author of hundreds of articles and reviews for scientific publications, magazines and papers. He taught and mentored Master classes at grand art universities in Russia, the USA, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, China, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Indonesia, and Tajikistan. He collaborated with over 180 authors in Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Chica, Switzerland, Macedonia, Turkey, India, Nepal, and the USA. As an actor, he appeared in over 40 films and documentaries from Bulgaria, the UK, Russia, the USA, France, Italy, China, Switzerland, Macedonia, Turkey, India, and Nepal. He also held one of the Guinness World Records for solo mime performances by performing for over 25 hours.