SATURDAY, June 29th, 7 pm


Text Author: Team of authors
Director: Ana Popovic
Cast: Danka Sekulovic

Playwright: Danka Sekulovic
Scenographer: Karkatag Collective
Costume Designer: Senka Radivojevic
Composer: Branko Dzinovic
Puppet Designer: Lana Rakanovic
Art director: Slavica Dolasevic
Circusfera, Three Groats, and Open Theatre of the Students’ City Cultural Centre Co-Production

“Not the right leg” is an autobiographical solo performance of Danka Sekulovic, a circus acrobat faced with an injury. It describes a process of recovery and everything related to that, bringing forth the key question: is the injured body of a performer still a body of a performer that can be functional? Answering that question means getting into the matter of a habitual body, a worker’s body, and its usability and market value. It also means getting into the matter of a body of pain and pleasure, its ill body, but also its fascinating acrobat body, simultaneously beautiful and grotesque. The play belongs to documentary, puppet, body, dance and circus theatre and stubbornly refuses to leave the metatheatrical context, tenaciously holding onto the autobiographical perspective. This is a play that talks about obliterating the boundaries of the performer’s comfort zone, as well as the potential and the body’s need for dance. This is a warm, joyful and honest play for all generations.

DANKA SEKULOVIC Doctor of dramaturgy, a little bit of a puppeteer, a little more an acrobat in a contemporary circus, wanting and willing to do performances, modern dance and physical theatre.
After she graduated, she was mostly engaged in dramaturgy, but on several occasions, she worked as the director’s assistant, mostly in Atelje 212 and the puppet theatre Pinocchio. For the last five years, she has been dedicated to honing skills and expressions of contemporary circuses (air and partner acrobatics most of all) in the Circusfera where she works as a performer, organizer, project author, educator, pedagogue, and deputy director.

ANA POPOVIC is a theatre director, pedagogue, and an expert in theatrology. She co-founded the troupe “Three Groats” which is actively doing production, education, and development of the audience on the local scene since 2015. She is developing new poetics in the children, young and adult theatres, promoting a genre of “family theatre”. Her plays are unique for their free, hybrid form which introduces deconstruction to the works analysis. She is the founder of the program for the development of children audience “Little Theatre Experts” and she is one of the founders of the “Visual anthropology Centre”. She is a student of the doctoral transdisciplinary studies of contemporary art and media. She collaborates successfully with numerous institutions, independent organizations, and artists both in the country and abroad. She lives and works in Belgrade.

BRANKO DZINOVIC is a performer with a focus on contemporary accordion repertoire. Austrian critics described his performances as “eruptive” (Kronen Zeitung) and “inventive” (Neues Volksblatt). He received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in the field of Accordion Performance at the University of Toronto in 2017. Along with numerous premiere performances of works by young Serbian and Canadian authors, he collaborated with eminent composers and reputable Canadian ensembles, as well as the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) from New York. He performed in Kennedy Centre in Washington and the Lincoln Centre in New York. Both as a soloist and a member of different ensembles he performed in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina. He recorded for Radio Belgrade, the Austrian ORF, and BBC. He is interested in the bandoneon which he studied in Buenos Aires.

THE TEAM OF AUTHORS is comprised of the actress, musician and the director.