The last, fourth day of the competition part of the festival, the audience had the opportunity to view two plays. The first was “Medea as Material”, directed by Rabia Tlili and Robert Martin. With a chaotic mixture of signals and messages, thoughts and fragments, the play guides the audience from emotion to emotion, which can only be described as Charon’s journey over the river Styx.


The second play was “Post Quartet”, also based on the drama by Heiner Müller, and it represents a combination of performance, post-dramatic theater and stage commentary. In a slow course of allusions, one can discern the allegory of the cave, the scream of modern man whose sound is presented by the theremin, a musical instrument that is controlled without physical touch.


After completing the competition aspect of the program, and during the time when the panel of judges was making their decision, the audience had the opportunity to see two theatrical accomplishments. First, the attendees of the workshop for stage movement, lead by Jelena Gashic, performed. The young participants showed everything from numerous aspects of moving on stage, mise-en-scène, to dance. They were awarded the diploma for participation by the president of the council of the festival, Predrag Miletic.


The second performance was the tango play “Disappeared”. This seven-minute tango-mime was created per request of Igor Juric, the father of the murdered Tijana Juric and founder of the foundation that carries her name. The occasion was the International day of missing children. It is performed by tango dancers as “Belgrade mime artists”, and the play was created as a collaboration of the participants and Marko Stojanovic, who briefly appears on stage.


Following this, the president of the expert panel of judges went on stage and read the decisions of the panel and the awarded contestants. Finally, after the awards ceremony, the president of the council of the festival thanked everybody for the success of the festival and officially closed the 43rd International Festival of Monodrama and Mime.