The first play in the competition part of the festival was “God Damn It!”, directed by Tomo Kuruzovic. The text was created based on motifs taken from the novel “The Eight Offensive” by Branko Copic, and it follows the life of Pepo Bandic and his adjusting to the city, evening school and new life rules. The play has been performed for the 1116th time tonight at this festival! It is a funny, natural, lively, joyful, significant acting accomplishment for Zoran Karajic.


The second play was “In the Box” Darija Zajceva, directed by Ljudmica Kacero. This is a gentle, almost childlike tale about escaping into one’s own world, a box which is ultimately torn by the cruel world around us, which ruthlessly grabs at us and breaks everything in its path. It is a beautiful and important story by our Russian guests.


The third play performed on the first day was “Transparency of Emptiness” starring Monika Wachowicz, directed by Marcin Herich. This experimental monodrama is largely based on Kant’s philosophy and contains philosophical allusions to many topics, on the verge of post-dramatic theater. With this play, the first day of the competition is completed! The diploma for participation was handed out by Predrag Miletic, the president of the program council of the festival.