At the Award ceremony of the 41st Fstival of Monodrama and Mime, the following decisions have been made:

Maja Dimitrijević Gold Medal Award for Best Monodrama
Nebojša Milovanović, Stand Down

Gold Medal Award for Best Mime
Ljilja Fredrikson and Ana Stanišić, ZiP iT

Ljuba Moljac Award for Best Young Actor
Milena Živanović, Edith

Siniša Dašić Gold Medal Audience Award
Milena Živanović, Edith

Ingenuity Award
Nebojša Milovanović, Stand Down

The Expert Jury consisted of Slobodan Beštić (President of the Expert Jury and actor), Kalina Kovačević (actress) and Snežana Zablaćanski (ballerina and choreographer). The Ingenuity Award Jury was composed of Nemanja Maraš (assistant professor at the Institute of Dance Arts and President of the Ingenuity Jury), Ivana Ljujić and Jovana Ikonić. The Audience Jury included Branko Najhold (chronicler of Zemun and President of the Audience Jury) Jelena Bibić (formally trained artist), Milan Odžić (economist), Rada Dragićević (clerk) and Mihailo Dašić (representative of the hotel Skala).


The first play of the last day of competition was ANELIS, VISIONS ACCORDING TO ANNE FRANK’S DIARY, by Katarina Orlandić. Lost between dreams and reality, the horrors of fascism and the painfulness of everyday life, we only get glimpses of the innocent child’s soul of little Anne Frank condemned to rapid maturity and a sad end.

After Anelis, next on stage was mime act WORDLESS BUNUEL, based on Bunuel’s surreal tragicomedy, leading the audience on a unique path between dreams, visions and laughter.At the end of this year’s festival, last in the competition program, was Milena Živanović, performing Edith. A breath of fresh air for the end! Milena Živanović was full of emotion and sincerity as Edith Piaf, and her powerful and credible performance received the biggest applause of this year’s festival. Her stunning portrayal, coupled with a good selection of music and great original music, made us feel like Edith Piaf was right in front of us.After the competition part was over, the Belgrade Aphoristic Circle read selected aphorisms while we waited for the decisions of the Jury.


Already a part of festival tradition, the simultaneous chess game was held on the third festival day at the restaurant ’Stara Carinarnica’, between Grandmaster Alisa Marić and guests and participants of the Festival. Other than the regular participants like actor Toma Kuruzović, dramaturgue Radomir Putnik, General Manager of the Festival, Borislav Balać and the President of the Festival Program Council, Predrag Miletić, this year they were joined by scenographers from the National Theatre Miraš Vuksanović, actor Ivan Perković, as well as H.E. Mr Jan Lundin, Ambassador of Sweden. The score was 13:2 for Alisa Marić, that is 4 draws and 11 victories.


The third festival day began with the play Diary of a Serbian Housewife , performed by Ksenija Mijatović, and directed by Fiona Sansone. It is based on the eponymous novel by Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović and it deals with life and growing up in Yugoslavia, its collapse, post-yugoslav fears and aspirations, as well as developing self-awareness in difficult times. In the play Anđelka searches for her place under the sun, and tries to find herself in those troubled times.

The second play of the third day was I Consume Therefore I Am, a drama with elements of mime, by Ivana Koraksić. Lost in our needs to possess and buy, we fall into the trap of a system urging us to shop till we drop, until all that is left of us are plastic shopping bags.
The third play was Fires by Aleksandra Malivuk. It depicts great and powerful women through history, primarily Mary Magdalene, Antigone and Clytemnestra, who each in their own age, echoed through times and some other great names, both loved and hated by history.
The day ended with a play which wasn’t part of the competition program. It was performed by students of Priština Faculty of Arts, in the class of Aleksadar Đinđić, and directed by Miodrag Krčmarik. Through interconnected short plays, divided by topics, countries and periods, the young actors took us through many emotions, viewpoints and details of our common history.
Honourable mentions and letters of gratitude were awarded by the Executive Producer of the Festival, Vuk Miletić.


The second day of the competition was held yesterday, at Carte Blanche Theatre, the old site of the Festival, back when it housed Pinoccio Puppet Theatre . The hostess, Biljana Đurović, announced the plays of the day and the evening started with Vindication of Senyora Clito Mestres. Dragana Varagić, with superb skill, talked to her two personas, one on stage and the other, on screen. She portrayed the inner struggles of an actress preparing to go on stage for the first time after 20 years, as the ancient queen Clytemenstra.

The next play was the independent solo project of young artist Ivan Perković, from Republika Srpska, called A Poet for the Poets. Perković, as Momčilo Nastasijević, led us through the poetic and turbulent life of this author, poet and professor. With pure and sincere emotion, and intense, emotionally-charged performance, Perković led the audience on a memorable journey through Nastasijević’s life and reminded us of his legacy and profound impact.

The third act of the day was a stand-up show called STAND DOWN by Nebojša Milovanović, in which the actor led us through the details of his private life, permeated with poetry and humour. Followed by the sound of a guitar, with a glass of cold beer in front of him, through poetry he expressed his views on life’s values, problems and everyday activities. His own, unique way of interpreting poetry, both intriguing and thought-provoking, captivated the audienceHonorary plaques were awarded by Ivana Nenadović, Executive Producer of the Festival