47th International Festival of monodrama and mime


Council of the Festival of Monodrama and mime has decided that this year's
Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime will be held in October, instead of the scheduled date at the end of June.

The exact date of the Festival shall be announced in a timely manner.

All those who applied for this year's festival are still in the competition for the official selection,
which will be announced at the beginning of September.


Application deadline is May the 5th.


- Maximum duration of the performance is 60 minutes, in both categories, monodrama and mime.

- Rehearsal duration is maximum 3 hours, and it is on the day of the performance.  

- Maximum time allowed for scenery setting between two performances is 15 minutes.

For participants, Festival provides following:

-Hotel accommodation with two meals every day, for the duration agreed with organizers of the Festival.

-Participation reimbursement

-Technical and administrative support.

- PR;

- Local transport.

- Best performance in both categories by the decision of the expert jury will be awarded the money prize in the amount which will be decided soon.

- Best performance by the decision of the jury of the audience will be awarded the money prize in the amount which will be decided soon.

Application to be sent by e mail to: vuk.miletic@festmono-pan.org.rs or by post to following address:
Pozorište Pinokio, Goce Delčeva 1, 11 0070 Novi Beograd, Srbija
(Za Festival monodrame i pantomime)

Application needs to contain following:
1. Exact name of the theatre or individual with valid contacts.
2. History of previous projects.
3. Casting list.
4. Genre and synopsis of the performance.
5. Duration of the performance.
6.Program – catalogue of the performance and 3 photos.
7. Exact number of peoples coming to Festival with full cast list.
8. Technical recommendations and characteristics.
9. Video of the performance.


Executive producer:
Vuk Miletić
Email: vuk.miletic@festmono-pan.org.rs
Tel: +381 64 138 96 94