Important Notice

Dear artists,

Thank you for applying for the 45th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime. I hope that this info finds you in good health!

Unfortunately, the situation caused by the epidemic of Covid-19 disease has negatively affected the preparation of this year's Festival, in several ways. First of all, the most important thing is that the selector of the Festival, the actor of the National Theater, Predrag Miletić, was not able to see all the plays that were in competition for the official selection for this year's Festival. Therefore, we believe that it would be discriminatory to publish a selection in which not all performances had the same treatment.

Also, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health are such that it is uncertain whether and when theater performances will be allowed. In accordance with that, it is not possible to predict all the necessary parameters, and therefore to prepare the Festival for production, in a professional and responsible way.

Taking into account all the above, as well as some other parameters that negatively affect the holding of the Festival, the management of the Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime made the following decision:

This year's 45th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime will not be of a competitive nature. Everyone who applied for this year's Festival is automatically in competition for the next edition, the 46th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime, which will be held in 2021.
This year, the Festival will be of a revival character, and the winners from previous years of the Festival will take part in it, and the date of the Festival will be determined in accordance with the recommendations and the complete situation related to Covid-19.

Until the next Festival, best regards!