Medea as Material
Based on the work by Heiner Müller
Actress: Rabia Tlili and Robert Martin
Director: Vincent Cespedes
Art director: Johanna Griesé- Amuda
Technician: Zinedine Amuda
“Medea as Material” describes the defeat of a couple, in the same manner as the impossible reconciliation between people, between the West and the East, capitalism and Marxism. Medea as Material, the central theme of an epic poem in prose, which perfectly fits into the context of making amends between the two Germanies, now unites, a context which not even Müller managed to avoid, only half-believing in it.  

The play beings with Medea’s divorce, caused by a younger woman who now serves Jason’s political interests more. Not accepting defeat, Medea will be sucked into a terrifying vengeance. So, Medea moves from the archetype of a loved and passionate woman to a terrifying woman? Medea turns into a terminator who, having killed her brother, kills her two children and poisons her rival, Creon’s daughter and the king himself.

Here we return to one of the most complete female myths, which continually repeats itself. The work by Heiner Müller brings us back to this old myth through the poetic narration of Medea, in whose voice, as Euripides writes, lies an unquenchable need for storytelling, which holds no burden, only postpones a double murder: the murder of her own children and the murder of Creon’s daughter whom Jason was to marry so as to strengthen his position.        

Rabia Tlili is an actress and producer of French and Tunisian origin, born in Kasserine. She debuted very young in the theater in Kasserine, and soon joined a professional theater. In 2001 she enrolled in the school of dramatic arts in Tunisia. Together with director Fathi Akari she wrote and starred in many pieces. In 2004 she came to France and joined the Theater du Jour, run by Pierre Debauche. From 2006 she studied theater art at the Institute of Theater Art at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris. In 2011 she opened her own theater school “Espas- Art Theatr”, where she works as an acting teacher. She made her debut in film at the same time as in theater, thanks to her meeting with actor Gerard Depardieu. She has had many movie roles, both in France and abroad.

From the press:
The actress and producer Rabia Tlili is active on the Parisian scene as well. She plays Medea in the famous piece Medea as Material- Heiner Müller. The play was directed by Roman Martin and the actress herself. The role ennobles her sensuality to become visible. Rabia is an incarnation of love and death. In this tragic and mysterious story she plays Medea, a murderer of her own children, who having been cast aside by Jason for another woman, kills their two sons out of revenge. The passionate actress completely surrenders to this characters – hysterically, she represents the obsessive madness of Medea in a heartbreaking rendition of this character which holds the audience’s attention throughout the whole play. The quality of production and the interpretation itself bring the text to life, with plenty of twists and emotion.