FRIDAY, June 28th, 9:10 pm


Text Author: Vladimir Djurdjevic
Director: Bojana Lazic
Cast: Monika Romic

Playwright: Vladimir Djurdjevic
Scenographer: Milina Trsic
Costume Designer: Bojana Lazic
Composer: world music chosen by Bojana Lazic
MoniCart Production, Belgrade and Novi Sad

The tragicomedy “Life is a Lottery” is a play in which the audience not only chooses the end but is served coffee during the play by the heroine as well! The interaction with the viewers, great music, and the rich video production made this tragicomic story in the short span of its performance a great hit! The audience can expect a heap of surprises as well because even the story is about winning in the game of chance. After the show, the actress pulls tickets, i.e. rewards from the drum!

MONIKA ROMIC (Doboj, Yugoslavia, August the 2nd, 1972) is a Serbian film and theater actress. She starred in the film “Theater of Serbs” and TV shows “Up and Down”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Little School of Life”, “Wives of Dedinje”,  “Crazy, Confused, Normal”, “Goat Ears”, “Ballad of Pisonja and Zuga”… Theater roles: “Othello”, “New World Order”, “The Traveling Theater Sopalovic”, “The Flintstones”, “Gold Fish”, “Sleeping Beauty” …

BOJANA LAZIC, theater director, was born in Belgrade in 1977. She is currently a member of the editorial office for political culture and documentary program at Radio Belgrade 2. She is the author of 20 plays in institutionalized and non-institutionalized theatres and the winner of several theatrical awards. Noteworthy plays: “Waiting for Godot” at Yugoslav Drama Theatre, “Twelfth Night” at Bosko Buha Theater, “Look Here” by Milan Markovic at Bosko Buha Theater, “Bereaved Family” by Branislav Nusic at Sabac Theater, “The Just Assassins” by Albert Camus at Banja Luka National Theater, “Fahrenheit 451” based on the novel by Ray Bradbury at the National Theatre in Nis in 2015.

She won several awards, such as Award for Best Direction for the play “Comedy of Errors” at the first Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) in Belgrade, 2000; Award for the play “Race with time” at the 44th Joakim Vujic Festival in Krusevac, 2008; Award for Best Direction for the play “Pipi Longstocking” at the international festival Zvezdariste in Belgrade, 2010; for the adaptation of “Vetruskina Ledina”, a drama by Ugljesa Sajtinac, she received a “Vitomir Bogic” Award for the Best Young Radiophone Artist from Radio Belgrade in 2009, as well as the Special Award for Radio Dramatization at the Radio Drama Festival in Bratislava in 2011.