SATURDAY, June 29th, 8:10 pm

“KOMUŠANJE MOZGA” (“Shucking of the Brain”) / CROATIA

Text Author, Director, Performer: Stojan Matavulj

Composers: Zeljko Vukmirica, Stojan Matavulj
Art Organization ARTIS Production, Split

A monodrama, stand-up cabaret, improvisation… these are all elements that are collectively called “Komušanje mozga” (“Shucking of the Brain”). One segment of his life, specifically getting married and entering the married life, Matavulj is dissecting from the creation of the universe, Adam and Eve, the toilet seat, the cultural uplift, superficiality of the scene, all the way to the nationalist pathological lying and the disintegration of the European Union.

STOJAN MATAVULJ graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb with a B.A. in acting, where professor Izet Hajdarhodzic was his mentor. After his graduation, he spent the next few years in the Croatian National Theatre in Split where he had a scholarship, and in 1998 he went to the Croatian National Theatre in Varazdin where he is still a drama champion. He had over 100 opening nights in his home theatre, but he also collaborated with a row of other theatres both in Croatia and abroad, as well as other informal groups. He had around 50 film and TV roles.