In the Box

Theatrical studio “Musli”, Tula (Russia)
Dramatist and director: Ljudmila Kacero
Set designer, costume designer: Darija Zajceva
Music: Vladimir Kosma, Rachel Portman, Alfred Snitke, Aleksej Ribnjikov, Vanglis and others
Lighting design: Bitalij Kacero
Sound: Ljudmila Kacero

The lyrical fantasy “In the Box” is a story about a funny, lonely and naïve clown, who is afraid of the ruthless, cold and indifferent world of reality. The protagonist hides in a world of imagination and begins to create life with his own two hands. This world he creates is warm, pleasant and gentle … but the brutal life comes to destroy all naïve fantasies. Each of us has his or her own box to hide in. Sometimes we are afraid of reality… but we can always help ourselves by using our creativity. That is where hope and happiness lie.
Born: 1998
2015-2020 State College in Tula, Institute of Mining and Civil Engineering; Department of Architecture
2004-2015 Secondary school in  Zaoksky

April 2018- workshop commedia dell’arte Christian Iza (Alba Iulia, Romania)
August 2017 – workshop of contemporary dance held by Ekaterina Nikulnikova (Barna, Bulgaria)
September 2016 – workshop for clowns held by Sanja Buric (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Work experience:
Event planning agency Let’s Party (Tula, Russia): September 2017 – current
Entertainer at Theatrical studio “Musli”, City Concert Hall (Tula, Russia): September 2015- current
Actress, choreographer

List of roles (from most recent to oldest)
-Cinderella – “Cinderella” (Ch. Perrault), 2017;
-Teacher – fantasy “Catcher in the Rye” (J. Salinger), 2017;
-Charlotte Corday – hilarious comedy “Kill me, my dear!” (E. Isaev), 2017;
-Fire, pagan, doll, wife, paper ballerina – pantomime “Upside down! The Reverse Side of the Earth” (Lj. Kacero), 2016;
-Grandma Pasha – modern fairytale “Winter is not coming” (V. Olsshanski), 2016;
-Moon, Moira –  flamenco-phantasmagoric play “Lorca. Dreams” (F.G. Lorca), 2015.

Honorary titles, awards:
-Laureate of the Second Regional Festival “Students of Tula – spring 2018” (Tula, Russia, 2018)
-Diploma for “Best supporting role” at the First International Theatre festival “Scenarium” (Barna, Bulgaria, 2017).
-Special award from the judges at the Fourth International Festival of high school theatrical creation “Juventafest” (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016)

Born: 1986
2011-2013 Department of solo singing; Institute of Liberal Arts and Science, Moscow, Russia
2003- 2008 Department of Russian Philology, State University of Pedagogy in Tula, later renamed into the University of L.N. Tolstoy, Tula, Russia
Work experience:
City Concert Hall, Tula. September 2013 – current
Manager of the theatrical studio “Musli”

Honorary titles, awards:
-Member of the international company “Idea Austria” (since 2017.)
-Diploma from the Fifth International Theater Festival Moloco (Odesa, Ukraine, 2013)
-Award from the mayor for implementing the cultural project “Here and now”. Contemporary literature in understanding youth theater (Tula, Russia, 2014).
-Honorary plaque from the city council “For achievements in the field of youth politics” (Tula, Russia)
-Third place in the nomination for “Theatrical performance” at the First All-Russian Theater festival “Second Dimension” (Kazan, Russia, 2015)
-Diploma from the Second International Student Festival of Psychological Theater “STUDENTact” (Minsk, Belarus, 2015)
- Diploma from the Fifth Festival of Youth Theater “Apart- E” (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2015)
- Special award from the judges at the Fourth International Festival of High school Theatrical Creation “Juventafest” (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016).