FRIDAY, June 28th, 7 pm


Author, Director, and Performer: Katarina Orlandic

Production Design: Katarina Orlandic and Milan Miladinovic
Costume design: Milanka Zivanovic and Dejan Orlandic
Composer: Katarina Rankovic
Actors – dancers: Filip Milicevic, Jovan Zivkovic and Djordje Galic
Pianist: Nina Martinovic
Puppets and masks design: Milanka Zivanovic and Dejan Orlandic
Photographers: Stanko Djalic Cane, Natasa Ilic, and Danica Milosevic
Graphic Designer: Vladan Slavkovic
Lighting Design: Jovica Pavic
Light Master: Milomir Dzuver
UK Vuk Karadzic Productio

This play was initially introduced as the doctoral work of Katarina Orlovic at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade on March the 30th, 2019. In its essence, the play is a monodrama where the verbal elements are interlaced with choreo-dramatic elements which slowly take over the leading role. In terms of the expression of the actor, the emphasis is put on the physical expression. The theme of the entire piece is the pain of Frida Kahlo and her inner struggles with it. The text of the play stems from careful selection of Frida’s paintings and in-depth reading of each one, as well as an elaborate analysis of her life. Her life and work were based on contrasts, filled with colors and blackness simultaneously, there was happiness and sorrow at the same time, as well as laugher and music in contrast with the silence and loneliness of her studio where she enjoyed and where her paintings came into existence. Such extremes of Frida Kahlo are the inspiration and cause for bringing her character back to life through work. Three young actors: Djordje Galic, Filip Milicevic and Jovan Zivkovic that participate in the play represent Frida’s demons of death, sexuality, will to live, ego, jealousy, passion, fear, pride, art… tasked with reminding her that nothing in live can be evaded and that everything in her imagination and creativity can be represented as a surreal image of her world as a way of confronting her tragic destiny. She can run from them for a while, but she cannot escape them forever. The pain is ever present. The music that the composer Katarina Rankovic composed for the play was created with the aim to evoke the atmosphere of Frida’s inner state, and as a character follows her struggle with herself and the pain.

KATARINA ORLANDIC (July 1st, 1991) was born in Aleksinac. She is a PhD student at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Department of Dramatic and Audio-Visual Arts. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree at the Faculty of Arts in Pristina – Zvecan, studying under the professor Milan Plecas, as well as her Master’s degree under the mentorship of Jovica Pavic.  She finished the primary music school “Vladimir Djordjevic” in Aleksinac, where she was at the department of solo singing. She is the associate to the Mimart Theatre and a member of UDUS. She taught acting in musical school Boulevard 77 in the UK Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. Films and TV shows where she appeared: “The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears”, “The Misunderstanding”( “Nesporazum”), “Klasici”, “To See is to Believe”( “Videti znaci verovati”) “A Dictaphone of a Killer” ( “Diktafon jednog ubice”) “Actor’s Hill” (“Glumcevo Brdo”) “Folk”, “Emergency Center”( “Urgentni centar”) “Drzavni Sluzbenik”, … Plays: “Annelies, A Dream-Vision Based on the Diary of Anne Frank” (“Annelies, snovidjenje po dnevniku Ane Frank”) – UK Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, “Road signs” (“Putokazi”) -Mimart Theatre, “How We Tricked Mephisto”(“Kako smo prevarili Mefista”) – Mimart Theatre, “Promissory Note With Non-Sufficient Funds” (“Menica bez pokrica”) -UK Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, “A Big Holiday Fair” (“Vasar na crveno slovo”) – doctoral work of Aleksandar Djindjic at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, puppet shows “The Wolf and the Seven Kids” (“Vuk i sedam jarica”), “Cela Fairytaile” (“Cela bajka”) and the “Dark Realm” (“Tamni Vilajet”) – UK Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, “The Dance of the Fairies” (“Ples Vila”) – Balkan Theatre, “I am the Bird, I am Everything!” (“Ja sam ptica, ja sam sve!”) – UK Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic… In the play “Agamemnon” (which is the doctoral work of Marija Knezevic at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade) she participated as an actress and a stage movement designer. Performances: “Rib” (“Rebro”), “Light and Marie Curie” (“Svetlo I Marija Kiri”), “To Think Time” (“Misliti Vreme”), “Everyone” (“Svi”), “Whiteness” (“Belina”), “Triple Step” (“Trokorak”), “Dream Algorithm” (“Algoritam Sna”) – all in Mimart Theatre.

She was a part of numerous singing, acting, stage movement, puppetry and circus skills workshops, both in the country and abroad.