God Damn It!
Author: Branko Copic
Director: Tomo Kuruzovic
Cast: Zoran Karajic

The comedy “God Almight”, played by Zoran Karajic, was created based on the motifs of the novel The Eight Offensive by Branko Copic. The play has been staged 1115 times up until now, and Zoran Karajic has received the prestigious award from the Association of Drama Writers Serbia for his role as Pepo Bandic, along with Zoran Radmilovic, Bora Todorovic and Mira Banjac, as well as the award for best actor at the International small scenes theater festival in Sarajevo.          
The story of “God Damn It!” is narrated by Peop Bandic, a frontiersman who had been through seven war offensives, only to be faced with the eight one, which proved to be the most difficult for him. It was getting accustomed to an urban environment, new lifestyle habits and completely different circumstances. Education at an evening school, visits to the theater, a new way of life and a change of attitude towards life.

The play has been staged in all of the countries of former Yugoslavia, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania, and for our workers and at international festivals. In 2015 in April, the monodrama “God Almighty” was ceremoniously staged for the 1111th time at the National Theater in Belgrade.

ZORAN KARAJIC born in Sabac, on July 5th, 1951. He has been active on the theatrical scene since late the 1970s. After a long and rich career, he performed in numerous theaters and was a member of the ensemble of the theaters of Krusevac and Uzice. Since 1995, he has been a permanent member of the Sabac Theater, and in 2004 he came to the leading position of this organization and remained at this position until his retirement in 2017. He has won numerous awards at important theater festival in the country and abroad.

BRANKO COPIC (Hasani, Bosnian frontier, January 1st 1915 – Belgrade March 26th 1984) was a Serbian and Yugoslav writer. He finished elementary school in his birthplace, secondary school in Bihac and he attended teaching schools in Banja Luka, Delnice and Sarajevo, finally finishing in Karlovac. He graduated from the Faculty of philosophy at the University of Belgrade in 1940, having studied pedagogy. He published his first short story in 1928, and his first longer narrative in 1936. His works are, among other languages, translated into English, German, French, and Russian. He was a member of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He committed suicide by jumping of the Bridge of Brotherhood and Unity in Belgrade on March 26th 1984, when he was 69 years old.

TOMO KURUZOVIC (Sarajevo, October 18th 1930 – Belgrade August 2nd 2017) was a Serbian theater, movie, and television actor, a director and writer. He arrived in Belgrade in 1949. That same year he enrolled in the Academy of theater and film, instructed by professor Joze Laurenchic. He finished attending the Academy of theater and film in 1953, and graduated in 1957. He got his first acting job in Sarajevo (1953-1961). He is one of the founders of the Little Theater in Sarajevo (Chamber Theater 55). Upon arriving to Belgrade again in 1961, he was employed in the Contemporary Theater (Belgrade theater). He was a member of the Association of Serbian dramatists, the Association of Serbian playwrights and the Association of Serbian film actors. He performed in the Belgrade Theater until his retirement. The most significant roles he played were those from the works of Branko Copic.