Non-verbal pantomime play based on motifs taken from books researching dreams and symbols
Theater Mimart Belgrade, Serbia

Actors/ participants: Marko Nektan, Lidija Antonovic
Authors of the project: Marko Nektan and Lidija Antonovic
Choreographer: Marko Nektan
Mentor: Nela Antonovic
Installation: Andjelija Markovic
Costume and masks: Andjelija Markovic
Sound design: Predrag Radovancevic

“Dreams and reality are two sides of the same reality” Vladeta Jerotic
This surrealist story is about the search for truth, in which authors go through a spiral labyrinth of spirituality on a vertical line. The integrated ideas, techniques and experiences of two artists contribute to the puzzling atmosphere of visions, which gradually, through images, lead to the catharsis of modern man. An assembly of archetypes contributes to the skills of the author/actor from the ritual, moving across Butoh dance, physical theater, leading to pantomime.
The play “Dream-Vision” is set in the middle of the stage, on which there is a tube with one actor, while the other actor is conquering the space, moving in a circle around the center, like time, like an atom.
The black tube on the scene symbolizes the presence of absence, an entrance into the unknown, an entrance into dreams. The actor with his skillful dancing inside the tube alters its shape, and withdraws symbols/props from the tube. The symbolic items come as visions from dreams, which reflect the state of mind of the artist on his way to discovery. The synergy of both artists on-stage creates tension, and expectation of an unexpected occurrence of a new symbol, where the actor symbolically changes the atmosphere of the scene and the partner’s dancing by changing the props. The symbols are a reflection of four religions, consciousness, migration, wars and suffering, faced with self-importance and accepting the obstacles in life through the concept of sacrifice, but also through self-improvement, working on one’s self towards a better tomorrow. The theoretical-practical approach brings forth a fresh perspective, in which through possible associations the audience is intuitively inserted in the dream-vision. Keeping in mind the legend of Pandora’s Box, this project looks into the possibility for the future, because hope is all that remains in the end.
This transmedia non-verbal play awakens all senses, of the actor as well as the audience, by asking questions about the journey of the modern artists and the intuition of modern creativity.

Marko Nektan (born in 1985 in Pancevo, Serbia) is a performer, dancer, choreographer … He studied art history and management in culture in media. He has 23 years of experience in classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, ballroom dancing, physical theater and Butoh technique. He has been using Butoh, as the most important technique, for the past 10 years and he has been perfecting it with the masters: Yoshito Ohno, Katsura Kan, Hisako Horikawa, Adam Koan, Tebby Ramasike, Minako Seki, Yuko Kaseki, Natsuko Kono, Miguio Mandalasara, Natsu Nakajima, Yukio Waguri. He was a part of the Serbian artistic troupe Corcup Artisticum through which he explored the body as an object of art, and developed his own unique artistic style.
He worked in many troupes and theaters, and is currently leading his own theater “Nektan Art” and working with the Theater Mimart. He worked and performed across Europe, and especially in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and one of his most important performances was at the Venecian Biannual and in collaboration with VestandPage duet. He has created around 200 original performances.

Lidija Antonovic was born in 1984 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in 2008, from the department of photography, studying under the professor Milan Aleksic. As a part of her Master’s degree from MAPA- Moving Academy for Performing Art from Amsterdam she refined and perfected her skill in the field of photography, so she got two diplomas: Light design and studio management (2009) and Projection of Icons (2010). She completed a seminar about 3D animation at Bournemouth University, Great Britain taught by the professor Susan Sloan as a part of an EU project with the program Erasmus + 2016.
She gained professional experience at the agency TANJUG as a photo-reporter and editor. (2010/2011). As a professional photographer, she has worked at festivals such as Bitef/Bitef Polyphony (2009/18) and Belef (2006/2008), and photographer/associate Stanica – Service for contemporary dance (2007/17), UBUS (2009/18), UNICEF, CEDEUM, Night of the Museum (2006/11), Theater Mimart where she was hired as a photographer, performer and video artist. As a part of the EU project: Culture 2007/2013, Youth in action 2013/14 and Erasmus + 2014/17, she ran photography and video animation workshops for young artists in Serbia, Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy. So far her work has been shown at 19 independent exhibitions and 28 group exhibitions in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia, three international exhibitions in Budapest (Hungary), Dortmund (Germany) and Kharkiv (Ukraine).  
She was the curator/author of several exhibitions of interdisciplinary art of moving picture. From these “OZ zone- Trees talk”, at the gallery Ozon can be singled out. She is the recipient of many praises and awards both in Serbia and abroad. She has been collaborating with Theater Mimart since 2005. She has taken part in many street performances, solo performances and plays. Lidija Antonovic has the status of a free artist from the Association of Visual Artists of Fine Art and Designers of Serbia since 2010.