Café Daughter

Workshop West Playwrights’ Theater
Edmonton, Canada

Author: Kenneth T. Williams
Cast: Tiffany Ayalik
Director: Lisa Ravensbergen
Stage manager: Betty Hushlak
Production Design: T. Erin Gruber
Sound Design: Shawn Gan
Technical Direction: Gin May

In association with:
Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts
Canada Council for the Arts
Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Yvette Wong is a girl of mixed heritage growing up in Saskatchewan in the 1950s. Her father is Chinese and he runs a small town café. Her mother is Cree. When Yvette is ten her mother forces her to make a promise to her- she must never tell anyone she is Cree. Yvette keeps this secret along with a dream, up until the moment when she can no longer hide her heritage from herself. Based on the true story of Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck, Café Daughter is the powerful, funny and touching tale of one woman’s journey to reclaim her heritage.
Tiffany Ayalik was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and is of Inuit ancestry. It was in the North, listening to stories from her elders that she discovered her love of storytelling, and the powerful change that hearing a story can bring about. After receiving her Diploma in Acting from Red Deer College, she continued her studies at the University of Alberta, and graduated in Acting. She often tours Canada, and has performed in Greenland, Island and Europe, sharing her passion towards storytelling, song and movement with her audience. She is the host of a documentary series entitled Wild Kitchen, throughout which she encounters interesting people who are extremely attached to the land and food they grow themselves. As a movie actress, Tiffany has taken part in many international film festivals. When she isn’t acting or composing, Tiffany enjoys working as a guest lecturer at the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity, where she works with other musicians, dancers and storytellers. She often collaborates with the musician Grey Gritt in the band Quantum Tangle.
Lisa Ravensbergen is of Indian, English and Irish origin. She is an artist, writer, dramatists, director and dancer. She got a diploma from the school of contemporary art and is now on her first year of studies at Queens University. She is an Associate Artist with Full Circle.

Kenneth T. Williams once googled his name “Kenneth Williams” and got a million hits about the “famous dead British gay playwright”. He didn’t want anyone to think he was British or dead so he added his middle name to his artistic pseudonym. His name now sounds like somebody with impaired speech is pronouncing Tennessee Williams. Come on, try to pronounce it yourself.
Now, seriously, he is Cree playwright and dramaturge, the first Indigenous person to earn a degree in playwriting from the University of Alberta. His plays, Café Daughter, Gordon Winter, Suicide Notes, Three Little Birds and others have been produced across Canada. He lives in Edmonton with his partner, hamster and cat.

T. Erin Gruber is a theatre designer with experience in set, lighting, costume and projected media design. She has been awarded multiple times. She holds a degree in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta and she works across the entire county in theaters of different orientations. She is one of the founders of the group ShowStages, which deals with the question of the role of media in theater. Her latest projects are: Jesus Christ Superstar, The Believers, etc.